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Restaurant Loket

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The house where the resturant of „Old Slavic Cuisine“ (Staroslovanská Kuchyně) is situated is one of the oldest houses in the town. It belongs to the main attractions of the city Loket. Now here is loceted a brunch of the European Center Of Natural Beer Spa whis unfiltered and unpasteurized beer from local brewery. It containes the oldest „a black oven“ in Western Czech Republik, which means that the smoke from the open fire simply rises up out of a roof hole. 

This stone storey with the oven was built from raw stones, part of which are still seen in the wall of an inside yard of XV century. The arched cellar gouged out in the rock, which is of the same age as Loket Chateau (XIII centuries) survived all fires thanks to well preserved humidity. We found some remains of a medieval road  and wooden sewage pipes in the hause.

There are 12 tables for guests infront of the restaurant. From this place there is a wonderful view of Loket Castle on the right, imposing church in front of it, and on the left there is the medieval town itself with its narrow streets paved with cobbles.

There are tables for the restaurant guests in an inside yard under a roof.

 The meals are prepared in the stone oven on oak wood without fat and butter. It is a real paradise for your soul and body! When the weather is not good it is possible to sit near an ancienit fireplace. There is a more impressive view of the old town with its marvellous houses from the second floor. In the room ,which can seat 60 guests, has been practically remained everything since XVIII century:  windows, floors, doors, even doorhandles.

People from Central and West Europe usually like to eat baked trout, shashlik from pork or chiken meat, home made barley bread, delicious soup in the bread and desserts. And here only unfiltered and unpasteurized beer from own craft brewery. Our beer named “Karlovy Vary beer”.  This is czech beer.

Very often guests first take beer spa in this building and then continues to drink beer and in a restaurant.

If you looking for  food and beer near me, visit this restaurant.

We look forward to you every day from 11.00 till 21.00 at the addrees: Zámecká 70, Loket 357 33 (by the stone stairs to the Loket Chateau)
You can book a table on the telefone number: +420 725 507 032

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Restaurant Loket
The “Globetrotter's Meal”
Beer “Old Castle”
Tiger prawns grilled
Restaurant Loket
Shashlik of wild boar