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About restaurants - Old Slavonic cuisine

“Staroslovanská kuchyně” restaurants are always located in historical buildngs.

The “Karlovy Vary beer"  from the own craft brewery, only in the “Staroslovanská kuchyně” restaurants you can buy it.  All other restaurants in the city of Karlovy Vary sell beer from big brewery pasteurized and filtered. All other restaurants (accept Karel IV) in the city of Karlovy Vary sell beer from big brewery pasteurized and filtered. These are two forms of conservation. The "Karlovy Vary beer"  havn't bitter in taste because it has little hop, which is also a natural preservative. And you can drink it's a lot. But even after excessive consumption this beer, the head does not hurt in the morning. This is it's feature. And it's only sold as draft beer. Drivers can pour it with them. This is brewery restaurant.  Some people think that this is the best beer in the world. Especially blond beer. And also unusual, not bitter dark beer, which is salso used in beer bath. A beer bath are loceted near the restaurants.

Also “Staroslovanská kuchyně” restaurants have unusual food, which are not found in other restaurants in Czech Republic and Western Europe, because it’s  have a stone stove with oak wood. The most popular meals here is shashlik: pork, chiken, deer, veal and other. Dishes in the restaurants are served on oak boards.  The trout and vegetables are also baked. These restaurants only use their own barely bread. Such food was in people in antiquity. Therefore, it is not correct to call it Russian restaurant.


In the birthday (+6 days) is the discount -20% in the restaurant and in the beerspa.